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The digital Periegesis

Tracing the places of ancient Greece and the stories associated with them

About the project

The Periegesis Hellados is the title of a work by a certain Pausanias of Magnesia, who was writing in the second century CE/AD. Known in English as the Description of Greece, the term periegesis derives from the verb periēgeisthai, “to lead or show around”. It is this double sense of movement (through space) and description (of place) that we wish to explore in this digital periegesis. Read more
The research project is hosted by Humlab at Umeå University. Humlab is a unit and a research infrastructure at the Faculty of Arts. The team consists of three researchers currently located at Umeå and Uppsala University, Sweden, and Open University, Great Britain. Read more about the research team.

Manuscript of Pausanias' Description of Greece
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana [Public domain]

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The project is generously funded by the Marcus and Amalia research foundation for three years (2018-2021).

Contact: info@periegesis.org