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Places in Pausanias’ Periegesis Sorted Alphabetically and by Book Section

With Maps and with Links to Wikidata and to Book Sections


Places by Alphabet and by Section

Pagination, Searching and Sorting the Table

  • Pagination is automatically applied to all tables with more than 200 rows, by 200 rows per page.
    • You can navigate to the Next or Previous page by clicking on the left or right arrow or jump to any page by clicking on its number. The open page automatically scrolls back to the first row.
    • If you search or sort the table, pagination is regenerated and starts from the first page and first row.
  • Sorting is Alphabetic for all columns of the table except the first one, the column RowID, where it is numeric.
    • Alphabetic sorting means that 10 comes before 2 in ascending ordering and 9 before 10 in descending.
    • Click on RowID to return to the initial ordering of the table.
    • Clicking on the same column alternates the sorting order between ascending and descending order.
    • Sorting is applied to the entire table, not only to the currently visible page, and generates each time a new pagination, with the visible part of the table displaying the first page and scrolling to the first row.
    • However, if you have active searching results, in one or more pages, sorting is applied only to these results and its pages.
    • Sorting also includes invisible text, like the URL and the Title of Links. Columns that include text with both links and without links are sorted separately from each other, as linked text starts with the HTML element < a, which comes first in alphabetic order. However, linked text should be ordered alphabetically, as all links contain in the beginning, before the URL, the hidden attribute data-title with the first word of the text.
  • Searching is also applied to the entire table, not only to the currently visible page.
    • Searching also includes non-visible text, so you might get some non-expected results (if you search for HTTP you will get all links).
    • Click on Clear to remove the searching text, restore the initial state of the table and return to the first page.
    • If you have sorted the results of searching, sorting is still active even after cleaning the search. Click in that case on the column RowID to restore the initial order of the table.
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